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Stone Robot

Our debut album, "Planned Ob$ole$cence," is here! Click Here to find our music section and procure your copy today! Then add Stone Robot to all your favorite streaming services! 

Watch the video below and find out how you can be in our next music video for the song 8645



Out of the ashes of previous bands like Independent Idiot, Phallic Medallion, Valiant Effort, and My New Shell...a new project is born.

Amongst the 2020 chaos, these long-time friends still satisfy their need to create by virtue of a shared google drive labeled only...Stone Robot.  With influences stemming from various genres like Alt-Rock, post-punk, avant-garde, metal, synth-pop, industrial, and hip-hop, the band likes to categorize themselves as a new brand of music- avant-pop. These seasoned musicians pump out content as if they wouldn't survive without it. And now, they want to share their work with the world. 
Formed out of necessity, this group of earthbound misfits were birthed by fire and an unrelenting passion to create. Even if it means they are forced to record an album remotely, and across three state lines, their insatiable thirst for an artistic outlet proves to be too great to be hindered by such petty obstacles. Their sound blends the best of raucous overdrives, dynamically mellifluous drums, crystalline-cavernous synths, and a rollercoaster of soul-piercing vocal melodies to deliver surprises of all textures in perfect timing. They don't believe in boundaries when they write their songs. If it sounds cool, they lay it down. Genre be damned. Their debut album (available now on all platfforms), "Planned Obsolescence," is the ultimate culmination of that very philosophy.


Meet The Bots

or don't.

Making Music

Dr. JAMessiah Rockwell

Bass, Beats, Synth, Vocals, Lyrics and Guitar (somewhat)


Mr. Johnny Walker esq.

Guitar, Beats, Synth,
Vocals (kind of), and Lyrics.


B. Steels Sr.

Vocals, Lyrics, Synth, and
Guitar (questionably).