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Discomfort Is Here!

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Thanks and Acknowledgements for "Planned Obsolescence."

A collective thank you to our friend, Fitzy, for lending an untethered ear to our mixing process as well as some sick metal screams. And Eric Franco for your awesome, however, less than timely, guitar contributions to 91DIVOCation. That version will be re-released as a single shortly. We just couldn’t get it mixed in time for the album release. 

Dr. JAMessiah Rockwell would like to sincerely express the following gratuity:

To my Stone Robot brethren, Mr. JW esquire and B.Steels, thanks for constant collaboration, innovation, and 2020+ visions — for balancing the tri-force! To family and friends, near and far, thanks for your love and support — you made this possible! To all listeners and supporters past, present, and future , this album is for you — much love, keep your ears and minds open! To fellow artists in my creative concentric circles throughput time, and all their radiant tribes (Independent Idiot, SP, Federal Crime, Phallic Medallion, Illemental, Valiant Effort, etc.). And to all the mixed-up people around the world inspiring us to dream it, think it, write it, and play it — stay crazy.

To essentially every person on this planet and beyond... keep it real, and keep it moving — we’re all essential!

B. Steels would like to take the opportunity to thank: 

My wife, Heather and two boys, Sam and Jax, for their unwavering support, sing-alongs, and enduring hours of listening to the same incomplete songs while we were assembling the album. Thank you to my parents, Bob and Julie for always listening to and promoting my music, never discouraging me from writing songs they kind of hate but would never say so out loud. My sister, Kelli-Rae Coughlin for her always on-point vocal advice and marketing aide, as well as her vast musical expertise. Thank you to my best friend, Brian Sullivan for always pushing me to, “play something better,” but also continually wanting me to keep playing. And for secretly owning every song I’ve ever written. To Steja Carew, for always being in my corner, whether it be to asses my lyrical content, an instrumental segment, or just help promote the project. Thanks to Eric Franco for his massive influence on my writing, allowing me to skew my viewpoints when needed. And finally, thank you to my band mates - Dr. JAM for being a consummate and integral part of my music making “career,” inspiring me to always write with intelligence and uniqueness  - Mr. JW esq. for forever being punk AF, and for being the guy who never let me settle for “okay,” as well as forcing  me into action when I honestly felt a little like flaking. Thank you to all who take the time to listen to our music. You are all our muses. 

JW, esq thanks: 

My wife, my child, the fine folks at Neural DSP, GGD, and IZotope (for making it easy to record / mix / master an album in a home studio while the aforementioned wife and child are sleeping), the recently ousted presidential administration for fucking up the nation’s response to a global pandemic to the point where I had more free time than anticipated, and anyone who takes the time to listen to this album.

And it’s spelled “iZotope”

Fucking autocorrect.

Print it exactly that way...with the autocorrect notes.

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