Whispering Goddess speaks my name.

And everything I want to hear is said.

Back in my bed I can feel alive

How long can this last

I relive the past.

Now I concede

Tentatively I believe.

It was all just a dream.

With a head full of lies, nothing is at it seems.

Ohhh, There are miles between, my reality,

And I cannot breathe…without your body lying next to me.

A stranger awaits to come steal you away.

Foolishly I stand aside.

Let you decide, one kiss goodbye.

And I stay, not a word did I say,

I tentatively let you go.

and I cannot see, your face looking back at me

I had it all, now it’s gone

I watched it dissolve right in front of me.

I’ve had enough, fuck this place.

I’ll burn it all down till there’s not a trace.

The ashes are scattered now,

And flying away with the breeze.

It makes me believe, that you’re never coming back to me.

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