Peak Procedure

Like a surgeon during peak procedure

Our ability to seek is major

Take a breath and count to ten

As you go down, we will begin

Transmission one launched and received

Like a thief in between here and starfleet

Held strong to these lines in my pocket

Like my ship to this rocket and my car keys

One day I’ll be back, one day I’ll be back, you can bet

Don’t ever say that, don’t ever say that you regret

The world has gone insane/ No middle ground is gained

They’re just reacting to bad acting

Just reacting to bad acting

You’d think that some would say “Maybe we’d meet halfway”

But that’s not winning/ Who wants that?

Take your time/ Evaluate

Don’t rush in/ You’ll make mistakes

Like a surgeon during peak procedures

Our ability to think exceeds yours

Take a breath, awake from sleep

Save the truth, and make believe

Transmission last due to the fact

Just a cold artifact of my memory

Detach and return back to track

Slow to fast, tighten slack, this assembly

Don’t doubt the impact, don’t doubt the impact we can make

Stay on the attack and leave them all back in our wake

You’d think that some would say

Maybe we’d meet halfway

But that’s not winning

Who wants that?

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