Flip the Table; Flip the Script

Please…I hear my creativity plead/I don’t want to go I need

To show you more than, the comforting glow you crave.

Can’t you see they’ve made you a slave.

A distracted man obeys…the way they want/but I want you to see.

I feel my creativity scream/why can’t you let me feed?

There’s more to life than the placating glow you crave.

Can’t you see they’ve made you ashamed?

A distracted man behaves…they way they want you,

Resist and traverse the gaping void.

Laced, fingers replace,

My face while they cradle, my head as it aches.

Please, I beg you to take heed, not to feed the machine,

It only grows stronger, through every regime.

I’ll reach inside my mind, unplug all those cables,

That kept me alive. That made me comply!

I lost/my voice/ in an/electric haze.

Plugged in/tuned out/sacrificial!

I can’t/survive/this world/of the jaded.

Envy/ and hatred/never falter!

I will crawl out!

I will wake up now!

I will crawl out.

All my dreams, fade in the light, as I open my eyes.

So pretty, so fake. It’s okay, I like it better that way!

Lean and smile. Focus on me.

Lean in close. You’re picture perfect. 2X

I/deny/what’s designed/ to dull my mind/ I am alive!

I flip the table then I flip the script.

No/won’t sink below/I need to know/ how low they’ll stoop to go!

I flip the table then I flip the script!

Fate/is just the paint/I can create/with some faith in me!

I flip the table then I flip the script!

I/ won’t be denied/I am inside/EVERYTHING!

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