Me an old stone robot

Built in closed factory

Planned for obsolescence

Absorbing currency.

Ahh ohh ahhh 0100-0110

Ahh ohh ahhh 0101-0101

Wheel of your misfortune

Screen of misery

Upgrade my core system

For small one-time fee

Model 8645

Means more to you than me

Designed for disappointment

This is my elegy...

Ahh ohh ahhh 0100-0110

Ahh ohh ahhh 0101-0101

Buffering buffering buffering buffering

Hold on

Buffering buffering buffering buffering

Please wait...2x

A tidal wave of ozone emanating from inside of me. Wiping all your memory until you go insane.

Plan-on-me to be obsolete

Please-feed-me your social security. 2x

Me an old stone robot,

Built in closed factory.

Planned for obsolescence,

Absorbing currency.



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